PAPILLON cutlery set

Producer: Aladdin/PMI

Materials: eCycle® PP

This utensils case with its cutlery set are designed to be as compact as possible: the case is shaped around the base of the spoon, while fork and knife sit neatly on top.
The curvy shape makes it easy to hold the case and its satin surface is pleasant to the touch, while the interior is glossy for easy cleaning.
The cutlery features a glossy head and a satin handle for best grip.

PAPILLON salad set

Producer: Aladdin/PMI

Materials: eCycle® PP

The set comprises a main bowl container with lid and a detachable smaller container (0.125 Lt) that allows to carry the salad-dressing separately or to contain a topping or a snack.
The lunch box has been designed to contain a satisfying lunch on the go: its generous bowl shape holds up to 1 lt of hot/cold and dry/liquid food thanks to its leak-proof quality.


Concept and Design: FaddaSantos
Organization: Design Museum, London
Curator: Margaret Cubbage
Sponsor: Fratelli Guzzini, Italy

The Design Museum has commissioned FaddaSantos to design a site-specific installation for the Tank space. Elements of Production displays the aesthetic qualities of a household product and the hidden technical elements of its mass manufacturing process.
Presenting the Gemme range displayed as 20 abstract place settings on an oversized dining table, the weight of the granules in the table correlates to the material used to manufacture the number of bowls on show.


Producer: CFS, UK
Materials: Acrylic sheet + fixtures

Its title refers to the coiled linear profile obtained by heat-bending an acrylic sheet..
It can be used on either sides and stacked to obtain a modular shelving.
The dimensions are thought with magazines and books in mind, but especially to accommodate the Sasso-Light on the internal shelf.

GEMME salad set

Producer: Fratelli Guzzini, Italy
Materials: SAN

This salad-set is named after its gem-like quality: the material and richness of colour are emphasised by the variations in the wall thickness. Here a good degree of technical knowledge has been applied to obtain the sinuous profile.
The sensual lines of the bowls respond to tactile and ergonomic consideration, while the salad-servers emphasize the lens-like quality of the material.
The Gemme range consists of 6 units in SAN, injection moulded: Salad Bowls in 2 sizes, a medium and a small bowl and a pair of Salad Servers.
Available in 5 colors: yellow, orange, fuchsia, red and green. Bowls in 26, 22, 16 and 12 ø.


Producer: CFS, UK
Materials: blown glass + acrylic base

A tactile glass stone emitting a warm and relaxing glow.
The sculptural shape with its lens effect is appealing also when turned off.
An innovative mechanism allows the user to interact directly with the light-source rather than using a switch. By sliding the stone along the base the light comes on/off. The glass part is hand-made featuring slight shape variations and providing unique pieces. Available with a red or a white core.

GEMME cutlery

Producer: Fratelli Guzzini, Italy
Materials: SAN and Stainless Steel

A colourful cutlery set for informal dining.
The handle is characterized by a linear 3D pattern seen through a layer of transparent colour.
We have applied an injection moulding technique previously used only on hollow or flat items.
The aim was to raise the perception of plastic handles by acquiring a precious feel using inexpensive materials.
The set comprises 4 items (fork, spoon, knife and coffee spoon) available in sets of 24 units and in 5 colours (grey, yellow, orange, green and red).


Producer: Thomas/Rosenthal, Germany
Materials: stainless steel + toughened glass

A large tray with a metal ring and a clear glass base.
The curved profile supports the base which sits half-way giving the effect of suspension to its contents.
Visually made out of two components (spun stainless steel and toughened glass), it actually contains a 3rd metal part that holds the parts together.
The name Colla means glue in Italian and it was chosen for the absence of this material.


Producer: JosephJoseph, UK
Materials: ceramics earthenware + stainless-steel wire

The four mugs hung on the wall rack by sliding their open handle along the metal wire.
This solution saves space on a kitchen work-top and allows easy access for daily use.
In the mugs we have emphasized the colour shading and kept a simple tapering profile and a flat easy to grip handle.
The wire rack is formed by a continuous line and allows for the handle to securely sit on two points.


Producer: CFS, UK
Materials: ceramics earthenware

Designed with restaurant tables in mind, the nestling set has found its way into thousands of domestic kitchens all over the world.
The vertical arrangement is both a space-saver and a curiously functional piece.
Appraised for its tactile quality the Sal& set has been produced in several colours and mix-matching combinations.

2 PLACES + 1 MATERIAL installation

Curator: Fran Santos
Designers, Artists: Fran Santos, Caterina Fadda, Alex Nei, Brad Butler & Karen Mirza, Simon Overton & Christopher Hammond, HUM-632
Organization: Fidas, Spain
Project coordinator: Valentin Trillo Arquitecto

Fran Santos was commissioned to curate and design this exhibition in Seville in occasion of the International Architecture Conference “Construyendo Londres, Dibujando Europa”

Two places and one material explores the relationship between two cities, London and Seville, by responding to a specific site through the use of one material and several works of visual imagery and sound.


Producer: CFS, UK

Materials: ceramics earthenware

Perhaps the most published dinner set, this iconic ceramics range ‘broke the mould’ of traditional tableware when launched in ’97.
Caterina Fadda sub-contracted a ceramic factory to meet the orders originated at her degree-show and carried on the production until 2005. Inspired by cell-like ever-changing shapes, the set is designed with functionality in mind. It is suitable for multi-cultural cuisine and for formal and informal dining.
The large dish can be used as a tray for sushi or as a charger, the large bowl for pasta or cake. With a selection of 12 colours each in 3 graduating shades, the combinations for table arrangements are limitless.


Producer: CFS, UK
Materials: Glass or Acrylic + PVC cord

This cylindrical vessel with a woven base is half industrial and half hand-made, partly rigid and party flexible.
The fruit may be placed on either the shallow or the deep side and become integral part of this minimal object.
It is inspired by a Sardinian woven basket used for rolling short pasta into shape. It was originally commissioned by Talocci Studio, Italy, curators of ‘Multipli di Cibo’ and later produced by Caterina Fadda Studio. Available in two sizes and with bases in several colors, either in glass or acrylic.


Producer: Nola, Sweden
Material: PP

Conceived by Fran Santos under the original name of ‘banquito’, this multi-functional furniture piece was initially made in folded steel and in wood.
The industrial production in rotational molding was developed while at El Ultimo Grito Studio.
The advantages of this light though strong stool is its versatility. Once a coffee-table then a magazine holder, it can easily create an interior space and become an amusing children toy.


Producer: CFS, UK

Materials: ceramics earthenware

Drawn around three points the asymmetrical shapes visually complement each other.
Inspired by the 1950’s fluid tableware, they hold both functional and sculptural qualities.
They were firstly shown at Caterina Fadda’s graduation show in ’97 in their twin-tone version and were later produced in several colours with matt exterior and glossy interior.

BUT dish

Producer: CFS, UK

Materials: ceramics earthenware

A multi functional ‘dish’ originally conceived as an ashtray.

The ash and cigarette-buts would be contained within each small cup while leaving the surface clean. Its function was re-interpreted by the users, becoming at times a candle-holder, a snail-dish or a chocolate tray! BUT is stackable and has been produced in several colours.