1. Tradition & Innovation

    Date: 20 th April 2012 – 9th June 2012.
    Where: Contemporary Applied Arts, London

    We were invited by curator Tessa Peters to take part in this special exhibition
    celebrating the talents of the acclaimed Harrow Ceramics course.
    We contributed with a window display of our latest designs together with Caterina’s
    handmade porcelain dishes from Harrow.
    So many people turned up at the private view that formed a long queue all around
    the block! It was great to meet again some of the best ceramicists and tutors:
    Christie Brown, Kyra Cane, West Marshall and Victor Margrie CBE.

    Curator: Tessa Peters for the University of Westminster

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  2. Market launch of the cutlery set + salad set for Aladdin

    Date: 23 rd February 2012.
    Where: Worldwide.

    We are very proud to announce the successful launch of Papillon Cutlery Set and
    Salad Set that we have designed for Aladdin.

    The ‘lunch on the go’ products are made out of eCycle® (100% recycled PP).
    The Salad Set is designed to keep the salad crisp by storing the dressing/topping
    in the detachable container.
    The Cutlery Set comprises a compact container designed around the shape
    of the cutlery (spoon, fork and knife) that easily fits inside a handbag.
    Both products wish to encourage a healthy eating routine at work while discouraging
    excessive use of disposable tableware.

    CONTACT press@faddasantos.com

    Papillon Cutlery Set
    Papillon Salad Set

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  3. Caterina Fadda at Central Saint Martins

    Date: 1 st October 2011.
    Where: Central Saint Martins, London.

    Caterina has been appointed as new Associate Lecturer for Product Design at
    Central Saint Martins and will be joining the teaching team in the new building at
    Granary Square .


  4. Forthcoming product launch by Aladdin

    Date: 14 th April 2011.
    Where: worldwide.


    We are proud to announce our collaboration with PMI-Aladdin brand, manufacturers of
    eco-friendly food and drink ware.

    We have recently completed 2 projects for the Sustain range applying the innovative
    eCycle material.
    Both products will be launched in the international market in February 2012.

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  5. Tolix Chair for Leon restaurants: opening in Soho on 21st March 2011

    Date: 21 st March.
    Where Leon – Old Compton Street.

    FranCaterina_0343 copy

    Leon has commissioned us to reinterpret the Tolix chair for the artists room in their new Soho restaurant.
    We have deconstructed this iconic chair by applying individual colors to the 5 components and highlighting some technical info.
    The result is a colorful chair that can inform the inquisitive and encourage some users to add their own text.

    Curator: Lieke Kester.
    Portrait: Georgia Glynn Smith.




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  6. Elements of Production by FaddaSantos at the Design Museum till 13th June 2010

    Date: 23 rd March – 13th June 2010.
    Where The Design Museum Tank.

    Final_Press for Web 2

    We are proud to announce that FaddaSantos has been commissioned by The Design Museum to design a site-specific installation for the Tank space.
    Elements of Production is a site-specific installation displaying the aesthetic qualities of a household product and the hidden technical elements of its mass manufacturing process. Presenting the Gemme range displayed as 20 abstract place settings on an oversized dining table, the weight of the granules in the table correlates to the material used to manufacture the number of bowls on show.
    The table contains polymer granules inserted within the polycarbonate sheets. The polymer SAN has excellent light emission characteristics and resembles glass beads. This raw material is injection-moulded to create the Gemme set, comprising of four-sized bowls, available in five colours. The injection-moulding machine is represented in a graphic vinyl of 4 meters length.
    Materials and scale belonging to the industrial production are juxtaposed to those of the domestic environment. By creating an abstract environment linking manufacturing and consumption, the installation reveals the hidden technical aspects of the product design process.

    The exhibition is kindly sponsored by Guzzini/Italy.

    Curator: Margaret Cubbage.

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    CONTACT press@faddasantos.com

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  7. New: studio name, premises + website launch

    Date: 11th December 2009.


    Following 4 years of collaboration, Caterina Fadda and Fran Santos will be trading under one name. The design services offered will remain product and furniture design for brand manufacturers and department stores.
    Further exhibitions and installations are also planned for 2010.

    The new premises are located in Southern Row W10 close to the Trellik Tower.
    We wish to thank the following companies + friends for helping to create the new interiors: SolidFloor, Khrystian Witeck, Omid Moallemi.

    The new website has been conceived and coded by Jerome Rigaud and implemented by Hye Ryoung Cheon.

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  8. Prototypes and Experiments 03

    Date: 16 th July – 5th September 2009.
    Where The Aram Gallery.


    Caterina Fadda and Fran Santos will take part in the exhibition ‘Prototypes and Experiments 03’ at The Aram Gallery from 16th July till 5th September 2009.

    The third cycle will also include work by &Made, Roger Arquer, Jorre van Ast, Shin Azumi, Max Frommeld, Alex Hellum, Jamily, Ronen Kadushin, Gabriel Klasmer, André Klauser, Max Lamb, Michael Marriott, Pearson Lloyd, Damien Poulain, TextFields, Nina Tolstrup and Vandasye.

    Prototypes and Experiments will include selected drawings alongside the pieces taken from the designers’ physical or digital sketchbooks.

    Curator: Daniel Charny, 
Assistant Curator: Ellie Parke, 
Gallery Director: Zeev Aram.

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  9. Red dot award for Product design

    Date: 11thof March 2009.


    Gemme salad set designed for Fratelli Guzzini succeeds in red dot design award.

    With its outstanding and innovative design, the Gemme salad set succeeded in one of the most renowned and hardest international design competitions worldwide.
    In the red dot award: product design competition the Gemme salad set was awarded the “red dot” quality seal for high design quality by the top-class expert jury.

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  10. Prototypes & Experiments 02

    Date: 12 th February – 11th April 2009.
    Where The Aram Gallery.


    Caterina Fadda and Fran Santos will take part of Prototypes & Experiments’ at Aram Gallery, London from February 12th to April 11th.

    This cycle will also feature; Roger Arquer, Shin Azumi, Georg Baldele, Carl Clerkin, Nigel Coates, Gitta Gschwendtner, Demelza Hill, Yaacov Kaufman, Andre Klauser, Tomas Kral, Max Lamb, Tomek Rygalik, Rolf Sachs, Nina Tolstrup and Ben Wilson.

    Curator Daniel Charny, 
Assistant Curator Ellie Parke,
 Director Zeev Aram.

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